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Wood Protection


Bora Care Treatment for protection on new and existing structures - homes, business, apartments, barns, stables, sheds, garages, schools, hotels, decks, fences.


Our Bora Care product contains Inorganic Borate Salts with Insecticidal Properties for new construction termite treatments, whole house treatments and remedial treatments. This pre-treatment is the preferred method in protecting against termites and other wood boring pests. 

This is not a soil treatment that pumps chemicals into the ground that can kill plants, trees and get into the water system.

Bora Care is a proven effective method of killing and preventing Subterranean Termites from destroying your framework.  We perform a treatment spray to the frame work and protect the important infrastructure of your home or building, instead of treating the soil around the perimeter.  In a finished home or commercial building you can’t see the bones of your home or building.  Pre-treatment during the framing stage, provides peace of mind, knowing that what you can’t see is protected. Bora Care penetrates the wood and remains there for the life of the wood, providing residual protection. It will also kill and prevent algae and wood-decay fungi.

This product won the overall grand prize, Best of Show award from Green Builder magazine at the 2006 National Green Building Show. Has more than 20 years of both proven product-specific efficacy testing and successful field use. More than 1 million homes have been protected in the USA.

The product is new and approved in Canada just recently, Balson Pest Control is here to help protect your home or business.




Suburb Family Home



Protect your existing structure from Termites, Carpenter Ants, Wood boring Beetles and Wood Fungi. Have your basement, garage, shed, deck, and any other exposed wood protected by BPS. Prices are based on square footage of application area.

Soil Protection


Altriset Termiticide Soil Treatments for Prevention & Control of Termite Infestations


Altriset soil injections are a recommended Termite management option for well established homes or commercial buildings. 


Altriset injections can be performed in conjunction with a home or commercial building that was treated with Bora Care at the framing stage, as a form of population control on your property. Even more so, Altriset injections are meant as a treatment option for the homes or buildings that didn’t benefit from a framework treatment of Bora Care. In other words, the homes that don’t have their infrastructure already protected and the framing is not accessible for treatment. Bora Care protects your framework from infestation and destruction and will kill Termites that come in contact with the Termiticide, but will not eliminate the Termites that are living in the soil around your property. Altriset is injected as a barrier along the inside perimeter of your basement slab to ensure treatment of the expansion joint (an access point) and around the outside perimeter of your home or commercial building in the soil. Actively killing termites that come in contact with the injected product and creating a barrier. Termites will not live to penetrate the injected soil. 


Altriset must be applied in a continuous treatment zone, with no voids in the treatment wall surrounding the home or building. If an area is missed (not treated with Altriset), a crack in the treatment wall for example, the Termites will find that untreated area and utilize that space as an access point to your homes framework. It is crucial that injections form a continuous treatment zone. Balson experienced and professionally trained technicians will make every effort to achieve a continuous treatment zone.


Termites come in contact with or ingest the active ingredient in Altriset.


The product binds to the ryanodine receptors in the termites’ muscles and causes them to open.


Calcium flows out of the open ryanodine receptors, depleting calcium needed for muscle contraction. The resulting muscle paralysis leads to insect death.

termites eating rotting wood


Termite Monitoring is an excellent way to know if you have termites on your property.

Have termites penetrate the monitoring stations first before they find your home! Early Detection means cost reduction for treatment.


The monitors can be installed 8 to 10 feet from each other, capturing activity over a broader area of the property.  They have a sturdy plastic, half moon, saucer like top that contains cellulose material and are inserted by hand into the ground with an attached, 8 inch long tapered wood stake.  The cellulose in the plastic head attracts the termites (if they are present) and is easy to open for inspection, then snaps closed for security. A typical residential property could benefit from having 10 or more monitor stations installed.

Do-It Yourself Monitoring

Balson Preventative Solutions will send you a do-it yourself kit which includes:

  • 12 termite monitoring stations

  • Fact sheet on how to install the stations

  • Information sheet on what to look for

Annual Monitoring Solution

Balson Preventative Solutions offers a monthly termite monitoring service which includes:

  • 12 monitoring stations

  • Installation at your home

  • 8 monthly monitoring checks (Apr.-Nov.)

  • An annual interior and exterior inspection with report



Head Office:

174 Pillsbury Drive

Midland, ON L4R 0G9

With locations to service you !

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