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The most common wasps in Ontario are:

  • Yellow jackets

  • Paper wasps

  • Mud daubers

  • Bald-faced hornets


Ontario species are generally not dangerous and rarely ever bite humans. 

Spiders aren’t all bad and can be helpful to have around if kept controlled in small numbers and in a location away from entertainment areas, because they feed on small insects and pests in and around your house like flies, ants, and other bacteria-carrying insects including cockroaches, mosquitoes, earwigs and moths. They serve a significant role in keeping populations of many insect pests in check.

Mating season for Spiders is typically from September through to October each year. 


Most Spiders emerge late spring and will remain active all summer.  There tends to be an increased presence during mating season, early September to mid October. After which they will taper off.  Some adult Spiders do not live past the fall season, while others overwinter under bark, in leaf litter or in other shelters. Once all cozied up for the winter, spiders enter a light form of hibernation called diapause.


In most cases, Spiders do not bite unless provoked.  However, if you were to receive a Spider bite from a Spider located in Ontario the vast majority of bites only cause a mild reaction in people. Typically redness appears with a central, white blister at the site of the bite. Minor swelling, pain and itching at the site of the bite occurs 2 to 8 hours after the spider has injected its venom.

An allergic reaction to a Spider bite could include swelling in the face or mouth, trouble talking or swallowing, tightness in your chest or trouble breathing.

Wasps on nest


Balson recommends a preventative measure in control, with exterior treatments every spring (May) and fall (Sep). Our season cut off for Spider treatment is when the snow arrives. 

Treatment is exterior, applied around the perimeter of your home, along the fascia, soffits, windows, door frames, and exterior walls.

If treatment is maintained in the spring and fall, pressure washing the exterior of your home wouldn’t be required as frequently.

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